Maths, Maths, Maths with a Gift! Answers.

Congratulations to Robin of Canada who answered correctly, he has won a prize a ThroughMyMind.tk
The answers were:

1.     A man was watching a group of people training their grey hounds.When he counted the legs he got 64 and counting the heads he got 20.
How many people and how many grey hounds  were there?
Ans-8 people &12 greyhounds.

2.     Two positive numbers add up to 18.If the product of the two numbers is to be as large as possible. What are the numbers?

3.     An executive was offered a choice on how he was to be paid for each 3 weeks .Assuming he was paid for 21 days, which is the better deal?

Firstly, he was offered Rs.50 per day, Secondly he was offered Rs.10 for day 1, Rs20 for day 2, Rs.40 for day 3, with the amount doubling each day. Work out each total he would be paid for three?

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