A junior in an office dialed his boss's number by mistake & said : 
Hey, send a coffee in my cabin in two minutes !.......... 
Boss shouted : do you know whom you're talking to ?!!!!!! 
Junior : no! 
   I'm the boss of this office. 
Junior (in the same tone) : & do u know whom you're talking to? 
Boss: no! 
Junior: Thank God. (and disconnected da phone)..... :D 
girl: hi baby! :) 
boy: hi my lovely.. 
(sending failed) 
girl: are u there?? 
boy: yes ! yes i am here! 
(sending failed) 
girl: are u ignoring me or what ??? 
boy: honey im not.... im here.. 
(sending failed) 
girl: ok! it's over; dont u ever talk to me again! 
boy: DAMN! go to hell ! 
(message sent) :D 
Interviewer Asked Candidate: 
"How Many Senses Does A Man Have ... ?" 
Candidate Replied: "5 Sir!!" 
Interviewer: "Sorry Kid, There Is A 6th Sense Also & That's Common Sense.. 
Which You Don't Seem To Have. . ." 
Candidate: "Sir, There Is 7th Sense 
That's Non-Sense Which You Are Talking 

Soul 1: How did you die? 
Soul 2: Due to cold, you? 
Soul 1: I doubted my wife with a man and searched my house, found none, felt guilty and committed suicide... 
Soul 2: hahaha!! I was in the fridge..!!! 

Dad: I want u 2 marry a girl of my choice. 
Son: No 
Dad: The girl is Bill Gate's daughter. 
Son: Then OK 
Dad goes 2 Bill Gates 
Dad: I want ur daughter 2 marry my son. 
Bill Gates: No 
Dad: My son is the CEO of the World Bank. 
Bill Gates: Then OK 
Dad goes 2 the President of the World Bank.. 
Dad: Appoint my son as the CEO of ur bank. 
Dad: He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates. 
WB President:Then OK. 
This is BUSINESS :) :P 



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