T or T?

countrymen living in prehistoric past
with millions awaiting basic amenities fast
realization of a need for toilets at last

a nation that claims piety ceaseless
but towards filth and grime are careless
and easily forget cleanliness is godliness

swanky cars on roads that unload
mouthfuls of saliva not swallowed
so why tall claims of a land hallowed

on streets and side walks of mega cities
squat lines of gentry with no nighties
a horrific shame this country carries

even iron railway tracks corrode
openly discharge waste being the code
a country bowed in shame and abhorred

can you in the almighty be immersed
with bursting bowels not disbursed
so why argue if temple or toilet first

let us not make excuses silly
wallow not in the unsightly and ugly
just work towards a nation less filthy

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