Shalimar Gardens takes a bow

the music dazzled, his troupe just marvelled
their fine talent exuded, as his baton trembled
and those heavenly notes, the majestic gardens assembled

the voted elite, gazed on embattled
a bollywood item, being all they demanded
and yawns they stifled and remanded

they appeared enamoured, with raptures painted
for had they not, been specially invited
and sheet music scores, they never had comprehended

sweat smeared cold coins, no crisp note
dote the uninvited millions, off their vote
and keep at bay that belly rumble, is all they hope

sweat and blood spilt, so this should be not
with folded hands, had they not promised a lot
and why then teeming millions, with outstretched empty pot

to waiting limos, they saunter now
a laboured gait, oh those delicious desserts wow
and with soft echoes now disassembled, Shalimar gardens takes a bow

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