Mango Souffle

Eggs : 3                                                               
Castor Sugar : 1/2 cup
Mango purée : 1/2 cup
Mango slices : 1/2 cup
Cream : 3/4 cup
Gelatine : 2 tsp

Soak gelatine in 1/4 cup hot water.
Separate the egg yolk from whites and add mango puree and sugar. Mix this is a double boiler till sugar is dissolved. 
Add gelatine and leave to cool.
Beat cream and fold into above mixture. 
Beat egg whites until soft peaks are formed and fold into mixture.
Add half of the sliced mangoes. 
Pour into moulds and set in refrigerator for 4 hours.
Garnish with remaining mango slices and serve. 

Contributed by  Mekha Jobin

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