My First Day at College by Munny Joy

God has always given me what I wished for...St.Thomas’ college is one among them. I used to see this college daily on my way to school, Sacred Hearts. On one such a day, I don’t remember exactly what made me tell my friends…“Just see friends…I’ll be here for my degree.”.But that was like a prediction. However the dream came true..After so many enquiries and discussions, I joined at St.Thomas’ college for Bsc.Computer science.

Being in the midst of Trichur town, I realised that there was no chance for bunking classes and hanging out with friends. But for a girl like me, who completed her whole school life at convent schools, admission at a college like St.Thomas’ was just beyond belief.

Like any other teenager, I also was excited and at the same time, nervous about college life. Finally, the day came….23rd of July,2007, my first day at college. All the fresher’s were asked to assemble at the ‘Medleycott Hall’. I remembered what my dad mentioned about Thahall…It was there, Dad’s 2nd eldest brother’s wedding reception was conducted. Dad’s brother, one brother-in-law and his son are the former students of the same college. Knowing all that made me prouder and happier while sitting there because I knew I was going to follow my elder generations into the world.

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