How do WE post?

Posting on "Through My Mind" is easy, you can post your story directly on our numerous topic pages, by commenting on an existing story or by posting your own story. If you wish for your stories to be posted on our main page or you want a attachment to go with your story, you can drop us an e-mail at Feel free to attach any material you want included in your post!
Have limited access to internet? Or just a newbie to the internet? No Problem! We at "Through My Mind" also accept scanned handwritten files. Our dedicated host will transpose your handwritten masterpieces into fine typed tales. We will then post your story into the appropriate topic, which are:

  • How I met my Partner
  • Campus Notes
  • How I was Duped
  • Unforgettable Incident's
  • My Holiday 
  • Misc.
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